Season one Synopsis

2015 — 9 episodes

Penny aka God has declared that The Devil aka Jerry can no longer own any single soul outright unless these damned souls come to Jerry willingly, asking to be damned for all eternity. Jerry, knowing that any soul allowed to use free will likely won’t be asking to stay with him forever, must discover a loophole for retaining his precious souls… which he does in the form of a classic ‘bet with the devil’.

News of this betting offer makes its way through ‘Hellfire Enterprises’ and across the desk of one Clayton Gibb.

Mr. Gibb, long damned for the selling of his mortal soul for musical success in turn of the century America, ends up betting Jerry in a double or nothing fashion. The bet: Gibb will live a second life and achieve what he sold his soul for the first time around without the aid of Jerry. If Gibb can do this, he will be free. If not, Jerry will own his soul forever despite Penny’s new law about owning souls outright. The catch: Jerry gets to define ‘musical success’ and has set the stakes incredibly high for what Gibb must achieve in order to be victorious.

Penny, once notified of Jerry’s loophole, wants to help Gibb win the bet. Why? Because, in her newly minted opinion, no creature should be eternally damned… also, despite her cheerful exterior, she vehemently hates being trifled with.

She knows that in order for Gibb to return to plain one he must engage in reincarnation. This is, of course, a symbiotic process. Gibb will have to co-habitate alongside a brand new soul originally intended to pilot the body he will be sent back in. In an effort to give him the best chance of winning his bet, Penny makes sure that Gibb is placed with the soul of musician Isabel Markovski. A gentle and talented woman who is, in point of fact, Gibb’s only hope. 

The stories of Clayton Gibb and Isabel Markovski play out in alternating episodes until their paths fully intertwine. By the end of this collection of episodes they will become one in perhaps the truest sense of the word: Their souls will occupy the same body.

Will Ms. Isabel Markovski become a platinum selling musician? Will Mr. Gibb win his bet with the devil or writhe in pain for all eternity? Whatever happens in the end, know that there will be dark comedy, ruthless villainy and plenty of music along the way.